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X3 Rebalance Mod
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X3 Rebalance Mod
for X3 Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude

By Paul Wheeler and Mizuchi

The X3 Rebalance Mod (XRM) is a total conversion mod of X3 Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude from Egosoft. It rebalances nearly all aspects of the game including ships, weapons, graphics, sounds and the universe itself, as well as adding a huge amount of new content. It has been designed with performance and playability in mind and has many exclusive features not available in other mods or scripts.


UNIVERSE IMPROVEMENTS – The X-Universe has been completely overhauled and many improvements have been made, including a fully functional Terran ecomony.

NEW SECTORS – Over 50 new sectors, all named, board computer voiced, and featuring full descriptions, have been added. They are all of a standard comparable to the original game itself and they fit seamlessly into the expanded universe. Also new links have been made in the universe to help with the flow of AI trading.

SHIP REBALANCING - The XRM rebalances nearly every single ship in the game with a view to making every ship unique and useful. We have tried to ensure there are no "I Win" ships and that all ships within a class are balanced across the races. Speeds of fighters have been increased, corvettes are much faster, more manoeuvrable with extended cargo bays, heavy corvettes have more weapons and turrets, there are new classes of frigates such as Heavy Assault frigates, light frigates and more light carriers, weapon loudouts have been made more racial, and many other aspects have been tweaked to improve balancing consistancy. Established race lore from the X Universe has been fully embraced and applied. All ship stats are taken into account from speed and acceleration to cargo and price.

NEW SHIPS - As an added bonus the XRM also adds many (well over 200!) new ships into the game taken from some of the excellent ship mods available, including Expnobody's Ship Showcase, Cadius' Xtra Mod and Killerog's X2 ships, as well as some XRM exclusive ships. It features PAR ships, which are pre-outfitted ships ready for deployment when you purchase them, new pirate versions of many ships with custom pirate skins, M3 Bombers, M5 Explorers with built in capital class scanners and Explorer software, prototype M6s for each race and much, much more.

RACIALISED WEAPONS – The military of each race has decided to clamp down on letting other races use their technology. All weapon loadouts have been racialised. There are no longer any generic, “one size fits all” weapons and each race gets their own, unique set of weapons.

NEW WEAPONS – No less than ten new weapons have been added, with brand new effects and sounds, including a full array of Xenon weapons and a new lasertower weapon which makes lasertowers something to be feared again. Factories have also been added for the new weapons so you can build your own. In addition all the beam weapons are now for sale in the universe with updated and enhanced effects.

WEAPON REBALANCING – All weapons in the game have been overhauled and rebalanced. Many have new effects with performance in mind, including all the beam weapons which no longer kill frame rates. Ammo based weapons have been converted into standard energy weapons and rebalanced to compensate. In addition the Ion Disruptor and Phased Shockwave Generator have been converted into standard bullet types to remove their frame rate killing effects. All missiles have increased speeds. Refire rates have been greatly increased. Dumbfire missiles have been converted to low turn rate tracking missiles with large blast radii. Damage, blast radii, special abilities, prices and reps have all been rebalanced. All missiles are now for sale in the universe.

CUSTOM JOBS – A custom made jobs file has been built from the ground up, featuring all the XRM added ships, a completely rebuilt and enhanced military jobs system and improvements to civilian jobs.

BUILT IN RACE RESPONSE AND BORDER SKIRMISHES – (Albion Prelude only) XRM makes full use of the Albion Prelude RRF features, tailoring them to seamlessly fit the XRM jobs while fixing all the bugs that exist in the vanilla version. In addition XRM for Albion Prelude features border skirmishes, where races that have a history of "bad relations" will get into fights in border sectors.

REPLACEMENT WAR FOR ALBION PRELUDE – (Albion Prelude only) A replacement for the vanilla AP war has been created. The player can fight on either side and is given objectives to complete in order to "win" the war.

MORE ENEMIES - The XRM makes the X universe a far more dangerous place. The "enemy" races have been revamped and are now far more active in the universe, with new universe “event” jobs which create invasions without the need for complicated, CPU intensive scripts. You will see the Xenon, Kha'ak, Yaki and Pirates invading other race's sectors - including Terran sectors.

MORE PIRATES – The X-Universe pirates have been on a scavenging spree. They are no longer limited to just Argon and Teladi ships. You will see pirate Boron, Split, Paranid and even Terran ships, and all their new ships are sporting custom paintjobs to make them even more fearsome. They now feature distinct and indentifiable racial clans that they tend to group with, and Pirate Core Sectors have been fully reinforced and now have their own micro-economies and shipyards.

RACE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE NETWORK – The player can connect to each race's Military Intelligence Network to get up-to-the-minute reports on invasions, military strikes and pirate activity.

FULL-FEATURED BOUNTY SYSTEM – Bounties will be offered by each of the main races via the Military Intel Network. These can be won by any player-owned ship and its value will be dependent on the actions of the target ship. You can also score bounties for incursions into Pirate, Xenon or Kha'ak space, and from destroying enemy stations.

BUILT-IN WEAPON PRIORITISING – CWP has been fully integrated, ensuring that all spawned ships have a decent loadout of weapons, shields and tunings.

REALLOCATION OF SHIPYARD WARES – All civilian ships and factories have been removed from military shipyards. These are now for sale at Corporation Showrooms across the galaxy. All Shipyards and Showrooms now have an accompanying Equipment Dock or Military Outpost to help with outfitting of new ships.

MERCHANT/BARTERING SYSTEM OVERHAUL – The X3 Bartering system has been given a complete make over. Rather than a couple of merchants selling not much, you will find a large number of merchants selling a vast array of goods, including some rare, hard to get items.

DOCKING ENHANCEMENTS - Alkeena's BSD Mod is fully merged with the XRM providing enhanced external docking for all ships, including M5 docking for M6s, TS and M6 docking for carriers and M8 docking for Destroyers.

ADDON PACKS - The XRM also adds optional cockpit packs, a backgrounds pack, three hull multiplication packs to increase hull sizes to make battles last longer, and a new "Advanced Universe" pack which significantly changes the role of the jumpdrive.

WEAPONS DEALERS – There are several corporate run weapons dealers throughout the galaxy, selling all types of weapons and shields. They keep a large stock so it makes outfitting ships much easier. There is also rumoured to be a black market dealer somewhere in the universe selling to anyone, no matter their rep.

CORPORATION HQs – Several new Corporations have been added, complete with their own systems, HQs and defence forces.

RESEARCH STATIONS – The XRM features Corporate Research Stations which sell many unique and specialist ships unavailable elsewhere. Their locations are random and occasionally they will relocate to another sector.

SHIP SYSTEMS REBALANCE – Certain ship system wares have been rebalanced to make them less accessible. For example, the jumpdrive has been made an XL ware so it can no longer be used with the majority of fighters and its price has been increased to 2 million credits. Several other wares have had price rises and ware changes. Ship scanners have been completely replaced. The built-in scanner now has a similar range to the old Duplex, the Advanced Scanner is the equivalent of the Triplex and there is a new Military Scanner solely for use on capital ships with a huge range. Comms range has been extended to 70km.

GRAPHICAL AND SOUND IMPROVEMENTS – Many effects have been updated and enhanced. All ships, including capital ships, have engine effects, and lens flares have been completely reworked. There are many new sounds and sound priorities have been reworked to reduce drop outs. Many ships have been retextured to add greater variety into the game. All Yaki ships now have a unique livery and many Paranid ships have been retextured to give the Yaki more variety. Ships ported from X2 have had a texture upgrade to bring them up to X3 standards - Including all Kha'ak ships.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS - Many optional "helper" features have been added. Otas Maintenance Pods can be bought to rapidly repair ships at the cost of Quantum Tubes, Jumpdrive Deployment Kits make it much easier to outfit ships with jumpdrives, and Orbital Weapons Platforms and various player Headquarters can be bought. The System Override Software has had more functionality added to it. It can be used to claim any abandoned ship, of any class, via a simple hotkey and it can even be used to take over a currently active ship!

BUG FIXING - Many bugs that exist in X3TC have been fixed in the XRM, including cockpit positions, turret and camera issues, model problems, etc. In addition the AP Race Responce scripts have been completely overhauled and all bugs squashed.

PLOTS - For Terran Conflict all the plots are available. For Albion Prelude, the main Argon plot is disabled as it is not compatible with the XRM replacement "war". However, the Terran, PHQ and HUB plots are fully playable. Also, the Corporation and Treasure Hunt plots from TC are playable in AP.


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