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Enhanced Sun Textures

Nick Needham wrote an excellent mod for the sun in FSX a year or two ago. It's available on Avsim and is called 'Nicks Sun-fix'.

This is an enhanced version for people who run FSX with no bloom.

It features an enhanced sunglow and a new corona texture which help to mimic the bloom effect without having to switch it on and suffer the frame drop.

This version is specifically setup for use with no bloom - however, we have provided a version for use with bloom aswell (If you try the main version with bloom it will be ridiculously over-the-top).

Many thanks to Nick Needham for his original idea and the original modded textures. 

Some screenshots - both with no bloom:

Replacement UTX Railroads

This is a set of replacement railroad textures for Ultimate Terrain X USA, Canada and Europe. They upgrade the default single track railroads to double tracks with new alpha blended encasements.

4th July Fireworks

This package adds fireworks displays to various parts of the US on the 4th of July. Show times and locations are available in the readme file located within the download.

San Francisco Bay Living World

This scenery adds to the living world and "as real as it gets" themes by adding ships, birds, marinas and even a fully functional carrier* to the San Francisco Bay Area.

*Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration required

Striking Software King Air 350 Repaint

This is a special Striking Software repaint of the default Beechcraft King Air 350 by Justin Rider.

Striking Software Cessna 172 Repaint

This is a special Striking Software repaint of the default Cessna 172 by Fab208.

FSWC+ Goose Repaint

Fab208 has very kindly made us this awesome FSWC+ repaint of the default FSX Grumman Goose G21A. You can download this repaint for your own use and could be very useful in gaining votes in our screenshot competitions....

There are two packages available, one at the standard resolution and one IN HD!

The HD paint is for those of you who run with their texture res. set to 4096. See the Goose in all its HD glory.

SHD Replacement Wave Animations

Created by Gizmo, these replacement water normals (wave animations) will totally transform your FSX experience. They are high-definition 4096 pixel water maps which will give you a much more defined and complex animation.

Set 1 is Gizmo's original set and comes in two DX9 packs (one with a larger swell) and a DX10 pack.

Set 2 is his new release and has been created in such a way as to remove the nasty horizon simmering that still persist on FSX's water even with massive amount of Anisotropic Filtering.

Both sets contain their own FSWC profile which has been taylored by Gizmo to give the best results.










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