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Our resident mission author, Orion Lyau, has created these two superb missions for use in multiplayer sessions. They both involve aircraft carrier operations in the San Francisco Bay area and are fully featured with rewards for completing objectives.

"a dream come true for the jet pilot wanna-bees in all of us who've always dreamt of the rush from being in the cockpit on the catapult, waiting for takeoff." - Flightsim.com review.

SF Carrier - Multiplayer Carrier Ops

This multiplayer mission includes a fully functional Acceleration carrier outside the San Francisco Bay Area, a custom carrier camera to watch takeoffs and landings, and even a reward for successfully landing on the carrier.  Fly multiplayer carrier ops with your friends and have fun!


- Fully functional Acceleration carrier in multiplayer
- Custom carrier camera
- Reward for landing on the carrier
- Mission installer & uninstaller

Note: the Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration addon pack is required.

SF Carrier 2 - Multiplayer Carrier Ops Nimitz

Use Javier’s Nimitz for FSX Acceleration in multiplayer and fly carrier ops with your friends.  From using the IFLOLS "meatball" or the ILS on Jivko Rusev’s HUD series to guide you into a landing, to trapping and launching on the deck of the carrier, you can do it all.

If you don't yet have Javier's Nimitz, we have included a lite version of it in this package, which only includes the clean deck configuration.


- Features Javier's Nimitz for FSX Acceleration (2.0)
- Support for up to 15 players
- Aerial refueling from AI aircraft
- Multiple custom cameras
- PLAT Camera crosshairs, courtesy Jivko Rusev
- Reward for landing on carrier
- Hidden reward Easter egg
- ILS/TACAN when using Jivko Rusev's improved HUDs
- Mission installer & uninstaller

For further information, please refer to the included documentation, or post at either of the forums mentioned in the aforementioned documentation.

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